Monday, August 31, 2009

Awards from James of Newton Area Photo

I have been irregular with my blogging due to some unforeseen commitments. Today I tried to sneak in to find that I received these surprised Awards from James of Newton Area Photo.

If only I can give my playful kittens an Award, that would be good. I mean, they are adorable but they won't leave me alone now. They must be bored.

Thank you very much James. I am still busy at the moment, I'll take my time to spread these around to cheer up some of our fellow bloggers.

In restrospect, James got these two cute Awards from his good friend Thom. I'll add Thom's link later because the downloading is playing up.

There are blogs that I find amusing and entertaining. So this Award will be passed to:

* Al

* Gattina

* Pam


  1. Hello... I wasn't sure where to post this .. in response to a comment left on Paintbox Pictures. The comment was intended for Louise at EG WOW but left on my picture by mistake. You may want to let her know directly that you are passing on an award to her.

    BTW, I have never seen anyone who has as many blogs as you do! There should be an award for that! :)

    Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

  2. Thank you so much to have thought of me, I am glad you like my blogs.

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you so much for the awards, I love awards I will post them together with the other...naks! Yabang noh? Trust me I cooked rice should try it one time. Hahaha.


  4. Thanks for coming Al. Sure will try your rice one day. :)


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