Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Golden Blog Award

I am greatly honoured to be conferred with this Golden Blog Award by James. James is specializing a photographic blog. You are invited to please view his complete profile and you will know why.

Rules for this Award:

1) Show the award in your blog.

2) Link back to the blog that tagged you.

3) Pass on the award to 8 blogs that you love.
(Since this award has been around for a while feel free to pass it to as many or as few as you want.)

4) Inform the bloggers that they have been awarded.

5) Take your time there's no pressure, but try to check out the other awarded blogs.

I am passing the award to the following blogs:


  1. Thank you for the golden award. I am honoured and glad that you enjoy my blog as I do yours.

  2. My pleasure Ma'am Diane. Sincerely spoken from my heart.

  3. I am humbled to get this award. I appreciate your comments and being there. Sincerely thank you for thinking of me,

  4. Ms. Bonnie, I am really honored to be given this award, and I humbly accept it. Will post about it.

  5. Thank you Bonnie, I feel greatly honoured and shall add this award to my other awards, which I have stored in a map. The only thing I don't do is passing the awards on, because I like any of the blogs I read. I enjoy reading all the blogs I see. I hope you don't mind? I am grateful that you thought of me! Thank you so much.

  6. Ah! Thanks a lot!!! It feels great to be recognized!!!

  7. It is in Giving that We Received! This is what the Award is All About. Don't you worry, OTHERS will have their TIME. There is ALWAYS something for EVERYONE!

    Glad to be able to Pass My Thanks around. :)


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